Sunday, June 13, 2010

Charlie's school time

Last week, while looking through our family blog books, I noticed that Elisabeth, at age three, almost 4, was sounding out and writing words. Charles is 4 and knows his alphabet letters and their sounds, and can write some of them(the ones in his first name for sure, and probably more), but I've never even tried to see how much he knows and we've never really worked on sounding out or spelling words. I decided I need to give Char and his early education a little more of my time and attention, so starting this past week, we've been having school time M-F for about half an hour. We do it while Elisabeth is at school and the baby girls are sleeping so that we get some quiet one-on-one time together. And Charlie loves it. He loves our time together and he loves accomplishing a task and whenever he gets a letter right and I compliment him for it, he smiles and gives me a big hug. I sure love our sweet little boy!

School schedule:
*practice upper and lower case, of one new letter and review letters we've already learned

*write full name

*practice writing a new number or work on old ones

*read through a few of our early emergent books(he reads them to me)

Once he masters these, I'm sure we'll add in new things to work on.

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