Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Beauty salon

Elisabeth was in need of a haircut and I wanted to try and do layers(I've never tried to cut layers on anyone before but I thought she'd be a willing volunteer). At the last minute she said she just wanted a straight, short cut. So that's what we did. Maybe in a month's time I can convince her to try layers.

And since we were in the bathroom cutting hair, Elisabeth thought it'd be a good time to have her nails painted. Of course she had to show her siblings her new hair-do and painted nails, and within a minute Annabelle was at my bathroom door--where I was cleaning up hair-- begging to have her nails painted, too. I agreed to paint her toes. It's cute to hear her walking around the house saying, "Mommy(or Bizeth or Car or Daddy), look a my toes. Pretty!", over and over again.
And Jane with her new hair style: balding and receding hairline :). It looks great on her; much better than it would on me, that's for sure.
She is so cute, I can't stand it! I'm always wanting to put my finger in her little hand or tickle her toes or kiss her soft, sweet cheeks. Perfect, sweet, little girl! And did I mention she's still sleeping through the night? Darling angel of mine! At two months she is definitely the earliest sleeping-through-the-night child.
And Scott always looks like a stud. No need for extra pampering. Just a daily face shave and a hair cut from his lovely wife every month or so will do the trick. Speaking of facial hair, here's a flash back from college: Scott and I played on intramural soccer teams. It is a rule, at BYU, that the men must be clean shaven unless there is a written doctor's order stating otherwise. Scott had shaved in the morning and then went to his classes and work and then straight to his game that night. Unfortunately, the hair on Scott's face grows really fast and by evening time, it looks as if he hasn't shaved in a day or two compared to most men. The referee called him on it before the game started and almost didn't let him play. Almost.


The Horne's said...

Elisa, will you please post a pic of Scott cleanly shaven in the am...and then late at night to show the difference? That would be incredible to see. :-)

Margot said...

Bryan has the same facial hair problem and was turned away from the Testing Center at least once when he was at BYU, even though he had shaved that morning.

Also, beautiful job with the haircut. In a few years, maybe you could teach me your secret? I can cut little boys' hair, but I have no idea about little girls' hair.

scott said...

I think that happened at almost every intramural game...especially the 9 and 10 o'clock games.