Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Uncool part II

But we have a new culprit: Annabelle.

Me and the kids were sitting at the table in the kitchen, eating lunch. Annabelle finished her lunch, surprisingly fast, and wanted down. I let her out of her high chair. She went into the living room and, I assumed, must have occupied herself with some very interesting task because she was quite content. The kids and I were having a nice conversation as we ate lunch and it wasn't until we were finished that I decided I'd better look around the corner to the living room to see what Annabelle was busy doing. We've been leaving our lap top under the couch in the living room. She had pulled it out, opened it up and taken off over half the keys, and a couple of other little plastic pieces that went under the keys! I was SO not happy. I swept her up into my arms and quickly placed her in her crib so that I wouldn't be further frustrated by her presence. I tried, in vain, to put everything back together. I didn't have much time because Elisabeth needed to be off for school, so we just put all the pieces into a ziploc baggie and put the lap top back in my bedroom in a safer spot. Then I took a few deep breaths and went to speak with Annabelle who had been crying and repeatedly saying, 'mommy,' and 'rorry'(translation: sorry). I calmly reminded her that she is not to touch the computer ever, and then I let her out. She has been in time-out maybe once before, so they are a big deal to her and she gets very upset.

Once Elisabeth was in school and the other children were sleeping(minus Charlie who just has quiet time), I called Scott and rehearsed to him the particulars of the situation and then tried again to put the computer keys back together. The keys snapped into place this time, fairly easy(and I type without looking at the keyboard so the letters were easy to get back in place but I had to do a google search later for where the function and alt keys went), but Annabelle had taken off a couple of plastic pieces that went under the keys, and those were a little more tricky. It was as meticulous as threading a needle but harder because there were a couple more steps to it. But, it's all fixed now. And I feel a little bad that she was crying so much and felt so sorry, because really, Scott and I shouldn't have left the lap top in such an easy to reach location for a 2-year-old. And sometimes I need to remind myself that it's just a 'thing' (though an expensive 'thing')that can be replaced. Though of course, I'll continue to teach the children that we want to care for our things, no matter how cheap or expensive they are. But I don't need to be a freak about it.


The Horne's said...

I type with out looking too but I'm not sure I could guess where they go. I guess if started typing I could hold my finger on the letter I know it is. Ha, that's a funny thing to think about. My fingers know where each letter is but I'm not sure my eyes do.

Ben said...

Your freak out was justifiable. You probably handled it better than most would have.