Sunday, May 30, 2010

A typical Sunday afternoon

Apparently, Elisabeth got a hold of my camera Sunday afternoon and snapped some pictures in the kitchen. Here's what our kitchen typically looks like on a Sunday afternoon (keep in mind we have church from 9am-noon, so generally we make it out of here in a rush).

The contents of the counter: water bottles, napkins, phone, tortilla chips, bouncer, dish rag and more. All three of the big kids get into the pantry on their own when they're hungry or feeling like a snack, so we usually have either tortilla chips, croutons, granola or crackers out on the counter or table for a good part of the day.
the kitchen table: water bottles, milk jugs(don't worry, it's wasn't left out since before church started), rags, bibs, bowls etc.

Elisabeth also took a picture of our backyard through the screened window and our cookbook/purse shelf:
And here are some photos taken by myself. Jane in her cute Sunday dress, hanging out in the bouncer while I make faces at her:

And dad, snoozing on the couch
The older kids aren't in any of these because they like to spend a lot of time out in the backyard playing. I should have also included a picture of us baking something, because we still do that just about every Sunday. Today we made blonde brownies. Yum!

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Katherine said...

Perfect, beautiful baby! Miss you.