Monday, May 3, 2010


This little guy is good at baseball. And he's a switch-hitter(Are you surprised I know that baseball terminology? Me too. Actually, I just learned that term online through means he can bat well both right-handed and left-handed). And look at his great form! He looks like a mini A-rod aka Alex Rodriguez :)! haha, I can't believe I know that name, but I do because I'm from Seattle and a couple of my high school friends were in love with him when he played for the Mariners.
And here is Char in his new superman cape that Grandma made him. He loves it! I had her make it green on the back side so that we could flip it and have him be Super Why...but then when I actually sat down and watched Super Why again this week, I noticed that even though his super hero outfit is green, his cape is, in fact, dark blue. Oh well, I think we could still make it work... maybe I'll stick a big yellow question mark on the back to help others know that's who he's supposed to be. And Grandma also made Elisabeth and Annabelle matching pink capes that have a princess crown on one side. So now we have 3 super hero's running around the house, ready for action! Now, if only I could channel that energy into something good and productive. Maybe I'll suggest we become 'super cleaners' :). I think that's a wonderful idea! And I'll join in the with fun. I'm wearing my running shoes right now and for most of the day today, and maybe everyday, because they help me to get more done: I can bound up and down the stairs in them as I'm doing laundry(it's in the basement), run down the hall to help a child in need etc.


Maren said...

I love the cape! I will have to find out how you made it.

Maren said...

And cute new header-thing.