Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mother's Day interview

Elisabeth and Charles filled out these Mother's Day interviews during a primary(church) activity:
(the first answer will be from Elisabeth, which she wrote and I will spell it just as she did. The second answer will be from Charles who had an adult write his answers out for him.)

My mother is ______ years old. Answers: "27", "26"
My mother likes to ____ Answers: "Play whith me", "Hold jane"
My mother's favorite food is____ Answers: "simin rols", "pasta salad"
My mother's favorite sport is_____ Answers: "soccer", "frisbee"
My mother's favorite color is_____ Answers: "all the colrs", "pink and red"
I love it when my mother____ Answers: "makas me a pictr", "when she lets us hold Jane"
My mother is great because ____ Answers: "I love her", "she's really good at making cakes"

They were both right on all of them, besides the first one...but I was 26 a month ago so he was close. Thanks guys! I love you, too!


Krissy said...

So cute!

Krissy said...

oops..Mom actually said that..guess I'm on Krissy's account. But, she would have said the same thing:)