Friday, May 28, 2010

More from Deceptively Delicious

Making the puree for some recipes: spinach and carrots

We tried a few more recipes from the cook book, Deceptively Delicious. They all turned out pretty yummy, but two of the three recipes weren't so 'deceptively delicious' looking. All the recipes have you add some sort of vegetable or fruit puree into them and you're not supposed to be able to tell that it was ever added. I didn't do a very good job covering up the spinach puree on our pita pizzas. When I pulled them out of the oven and put the baking sheet on the table, Elisabeth immediately said, "Ew! What's that green stuff?!" I told her that it was, "nothing, just part of the pizza sauce." Which was sort of true because I did a little mixing of the pizza sauce with the spinach puree. But I made them all try it and Elisabeth actually really liked it. Charles and Annabelle didn't eat much, but Charles is not a big pizza eater anyway because he doesn't love red sauce. And Annabelle wasn't super hungry. But I really liked them and once Jane is over her cow-milk allergy, I'll definitely be eating this again.

Next were the applesauce muffins. My kids love muffins, especially ones that don't have chunks of other foods in them (veggies, nuts, raisins etc), and ones that have a crumble topping, so these were a hit. You add carrot puree to the recipe and it was completely hidden in look and taste.

The most recent recipe I tried was for chicken nuggets. I have a really good chicken nugget recipe that I normally use all the time and in it you use bread crumbs just like this recipe, but in my recipe, you bake them in the oven. In this Deceptively Delicious recipe you fry them in olive oil on the stove. If anyone has any tips to offer on how to fry foods and keep the bread crumbs on, I'd love to hear it, because so far, my few attempts at this method of cooking has always been unsuccessful. Same with when I make meatballs. I can cook them just fine in the oven, but if I try and cook them on the stove and roll them around to cook all the sides evenly, they end up no longer resembling meatballs but instead just look like some cooked ground meat. And I use egg to help try and keep them together. I don't know. Oh well.
Anyhow, these Deceptively Delicious chicken nuggets ended up looking really kind of disgusting with all the green spinach underneath and crumbled up everywhere. Though the recipe did say you could use either spinach or sweet potato puree, and I'm guessing Jessica Seinfeld used the sweet potato puree because the picture in her book of these chicken nuggets were perfection with absolutely no green showing....and her bread crumbs all stayed on and were a perfect golden brown color and evenly distributed over the chicken. But, the good news is that even though they looked nasty, they still tasted great and in fact all the kids ate the servings I gave them and Elisabeth and Charlie asked for more.


Gina said...

Sorry, don't have a tip for ya. But if you want to send that chicken nugget recipe my way that would be great!!

kelley said...

Did the recipe say to dip them in egg? That's what I've done in the past to make bread crumbs stick and it has usually worked. I'm glad they like the recipes!! My favorite is the sweet potato pancakes!!

Casey said...

I wonder if you need to get your oil hotter? If I don't have the oil hot enough then the breading falls off before it can brown. I usually sear it at a higher heat on all sides and then turn the heat down to finish cooking through. Just a thought. :)