Thursday, May 6, 2010

I love it!

Annabelle and Elisabeth share a room, and eventually, Jane will join them in there, too. We have the bunk beds in there and a toddler bed: Elisabeth sleeps on the bottom bunk right now(she used to be on the top but she likes to read books to Annabelle at night and she thought it'd be easier doing that if she slept down below) and Annabelle sleeps on the toddler bed. Before Scott and I go to bed, we check on the kids and make sure they've all got blankets on etc. And isn't it such a beautiful thing to watch a child sleeping so peacefully?
But anyway, the past several nights, when we've gone in to check on the girls, Annabelle wasn't sleeping in her toddler bed where we left her. She was in the twin bed with Elisabeth. I love seeing this: two sisters who love each other, sharing a bed with there loads of blankets and babies and books scattered on the floor below that they've been reading together. A beautiful sight!


Rachel said...

That is so sweet!! That is the best time of day always! To go in and check on your kids as they are sleeping. Pure innocence and peace!!! Very cute!

Angela said...

Oh, I love those little cuties. Elisabeth is so sweet to Annabelle:) I miss you all!

BAWC said...

oh i love it