Thursday, May 13, 2010

Daddy, we miss you already!

Scott flew out to NC today so that he could attend Kelley and Jericho's sealing this weekend. We're glad he was able to go out and be supportive of his family, but we miss him already. It was just too expensive to fly all 6 of us out there, otherwise we'd be right there with them. Fortunately, my 83-year-old dad decided to come for a visit while Scott is gone so that I wouldn't have to be all alone with the kids.

Some phrases I've heard repeated throughout the day:

My dad-"Charles has a lot of energy." And even though I'm almost 60 years younger than my dad, and have quite a bit more energy, I'd have to agree. It's 8pm now and I feel like I'm about ready to go to bed.

Annabelle -"Ah daddy?" (translation: where's daddy?) and then she'll answer it herself with, "airplane! In sky!"

Annabelle- "Ah daddy home?" and after I answered this one for her a couple of times, she will now answer it herself with, "atter church!" (translation:after church)

Oh, and one of Charlie's favorite things to play with are sticks, but he has to keep them outside. So what's the next best thing for inside play? Grandpa's cane, of course! It's even a dark brown color and resembles a stick.

See you Sunday, Scott. We love you!

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