Saturday, May 29, 2010

"Are you serious?"

I find myself using this, "Are you serious?" phrase a lot lately. For example, when:

*Annabelle took off her diaper and then pooped on the floor in her bedroom
*Charles ate from the parmesan can again and dumped it all over himself
*Annabelle pooped in her underwear while outside and then took off her underwear and the poop dropped in our grass
*I change Jane's spit up clothes and give her a bath and as soon as she's dressed she spits up all over her and my clothes, again
*Charles hit Annabelle's hand with a baseball sized rock, on purpose
*Elisabeth constantly cries over things of absolutely no importance(though in her mind they're obviously very important)
*I've just scrubbed the kitchen floors and table/counter tops and Elisabeth walks through with her dirt clod shoes and makes a trail of dirt clumps through the kitchen, down the carpeted floor to the bathroom.
*I've finally gotten Jane down for a nap and Elisabeth/Charles/Annabelle run in the house and slam the door and Jane begins to cry.
*I've made exactly what a child requested for lunch, but when it's ready, that same child begins to cry because apparently they've forgotten what they've asked for while I was making it, and have now decided that they really want something else.
*the librarian tells me we'll have to pay $25 for losing the audio cd that went with a children's book(The book costs less than this, but they have to buy it from their vendor; needless to say, we won't be checking out children's audio books any more)
* I look at the mountains of laundry that need to be cleaned
* I look at the mountains of laundry that need to be folded
*Annabelle is eating crayon
*Annabelle is eating dirt, again
*Charlie is eating sidewalk chalk, again

Oh, and the list could literally go on, and on, and on, and on.....(But just know that I am writing this with a smile, so although sometimes it's exasperating, I do find the humor in it all)

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