Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's traditions

This year was my year to be in charge of valentine planning and preparations. Generally that means I'm in charge of making some sort of festive breakfast and dinner for the family, and of course I could do something more, but I usually don't do much more. We don't usually do gifts besides love letters because we both don't care for that aspect of the holiday. Receiving gifts isn't the best way for us(Me and Scott) to feel loved. I have the type of personality that feels loved with an act of kindness or service or with a really nice thoughtful letter. Scott feels loved by, well, by the way most men feel loved I suppose :). If you don't know what way that is, well then, just forget about it for now, I'm not going to go into it here. Moving along. My cousin Rachel and her family invited us over for a Valentine's day dinner so all I really needed to do was breakfast. I decided to make pink heart shaped pancakes. I only ended up making 5 of them(one for each person) and then using the rest of the batter to make normal circle pancakes(that were still pink) because it took too long to do them in the heart shapes since I only had two of the heart shaped cooking mold things to work with. We also had our favorite vanilla syrup, strawberries, peaches, whipped cream and blueberries. It was very yummy. Every year we also make heart shaped sugar cookies, so we had those as well and we brought some to decorate and share at Rachel's. (I didn't make them as fancy as last years because I was lazy, but they're on sticks so that's kinda cool, right?). Our other tradition for Valentines is that Scott and I write love letters for each member of the family. This is definitely my favorite tradition because I find myself going back over the years and reading them through(sometimes the letters we wrote to the kids but more often the letters Scott wrote to me). I generally write about things I especially love about that family member during that time in their life. So all the kids and Scott and myself have lots of love letters from over the years that I keep in a safe place and some day(probably when each child turns 18 or so) I'll put them all together in a book so they can have their love letters from Mom and Dad from when they were growing up.For Family Home Evening the Monday before Valentine's, we made Valentine envelopes for each member of the family so we could stick our love notes in them Valetine's Day(they are the colorful looking pieces of construction paper hanging by our window).
Friday night Scott had a surprise for me. Like I mentioned before, it was my year for planning and I really didn't plan much because Valentine's is usually pretty low key for us and I'm 33 weeks pregnant and just finished a couple of birthdays and we have another one this week, so anyway, not much planning done on my part. So back to my story: Friday around 5pm we were in our backyard with some neighbor friends playing when Krissy(Scott's sister) dropped by. Scott wasn't home yet from work at this point. She said that I was to pack an over night bag. I wasn't sure if she was joking at first because I'd never had anything like this happen before; but she reassured me that she was completely serious. I went in and quickly and excitedly packed my bag. Scott got home about 15 minutes later and we all ate dinner together and then went to a Valentine's activity at the church that Scott had helped plan and that we'd been planning on attending. Once we finished that, we took off to a hotel near by and stayed the night there. We stayed up late watching a movie and visiting and got to sleep in until 8am. And I must add here that we slept in the most comfortable bed with the most comfortable and fluffy pillows. We decided, after this trip, that sometime within the next year we're going to need to get new pillows (ones that aren't totally flat so you have to stack several under your head....that's what you get when you buy the $5 Walmart ones I suppose, and use them for over 6 years) and hopefully a new bed, too. We'd really like to get a king sized bed(we have a queen) since all the kids like to snuggle up in bed with us in the morning. It's always a tight squeeze with 5 in there and pretty soon we'll have a sixth body in the bed with us :). Anyway, back to our Valentine weekend. We ate a huge complimentary breakfast: I had an omelet, a waffle and french toast(that sounds kind of gross and like a lot looking back now, but it was SO good, I just couldn't decide on one...or two). Scott had an omelet, a waffle, hashbrowns and a sausage. We exercised together in the fitness center and then packed up and went back home. It was so nice being able to spend time together alone and to sleep in. I tell this to Scott fairly frequently, but it's always true: Scott, you're wonderful and I'm so blessed to have you!

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The Horne's said...

What a great great gift!!! That's fantastic!!
Elisa, yes, Scott and I have slept in a FULL size bed for the past 4.5 years - it's my bed from college. We finally bit the bullet and found a great deal and got a queen sized bed with some nice sheets (not the walmart route like usual) and it's made such a difference!! It's incredible!!! We offered the mattress company cash and got an extra $100 off the bed - something we learned in our finance class we're taking. Anyways, we're so happy, it was a big purchase and we didn't realy "need" it but figured if we didn't do this before the baby comes, we probably wouldn't do it after. I hope you guys get a new bed sometime. :-) There are good deals out there.
I should blog about our bed....