Thursday, February 18, 2010

Two and Four year, well check appointments

Charles and Annabelle had their well check appointments today. Annabelle only needed one shot, but Charlie on the other hand, got two. Both experiences were not pretty, to say the least. It's much harder to hold down a freaked out four-year-old boy than it is a two-year-old girl.

Here are their growth chart stats:
Annabelle: weight-24.03 lbs(16%), height- 32.28inches (19%), BMI 44%
Charles: weight-33.5 lbs (24%), height- 40.16inches (41%), BMI 17%

They're small, but growing. We're all glad to have that appointment over with and Annabelle and Charlie are happy that they won't have to go back for more shots for another year.

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Margot said...

I think Cooper and Annabelle are about the same size.

And yeah, holding down a freaked-out four-year-old boy is next to impossible.