Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Through the eyes of our 4 year old

While uploading pictures, I noticed several new ones on the camera that I hadn't taken. There's a picture of a potato head, a wallet and a most beloved sword. As well as a couple other random shots of the kitchen. From the pictures that were taken, I knew it was Charles, and while I was sitting with the computer, uploading the pictures, Charles came over and asked if I'd put the picture of his sword on the blog :). So, this one is for you Char.
wallet(in the corner)
potato head

a couple other random shots
Charles bought this sword with his birthday money a few weeks ago. I tried to talk him out of it, but he was so insistent, and he always turns other toys into swords anyways: sticks, rolling pins, drum sticks etc. that I thought, alright we'll give him another chance with a sword. And I've found that it actually is good for something: I can get him to do certain things or to not do certain things, by threatening to take away this most precious and beloved sword :). He is still learning how to control himself, and his fantasies, when the sword is in hand, but he is getting better and we probably only have to confiscate the sword every other day now, for misuse.

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Rachel said...

Kids are awesome! I have to admit swords are pretty cool sometimes. It is always good to have a bargaining chip with your kids also!!