Sunday, February 21, 2010

Swimming lessons and a sunbeam talk

Saturday Charles and Elisabeth started up with swimming lessons again. They'll have 30 minute lessons every Saturday for 6 weeks and they're so excited about it! I put them both in the pre level 2 class so they could have lessons at the same time, even though I'm not too sure if Charlie is quite ready for that one. But it's only the two of them and one other girl in the class with two swim instructors, so I think it'll be okay because he should get lots of one-on-one time.

While Annabelle and I were waiting for Scott and the kids to get out of the shower once they'd finished their lesson, just next to us and outside the door I heard a crash and looked out the window into the hall and saw glass everywhere. A guy had just smashed his shoulder, I think, through the glass wall of the basketball court! Ouch. I had my camera and almost took a picture of it but decided against it. The paramedics came and hauled him away; hopefully he'll be okay. Probably two Saturdays before, another guy got hauled away from the basketball courts from a broken ankle or something. Sheesh, who knew basketball could be such a dangerous sport? So of course when Scott took off to the church last night for his basketball game I felt the need to advise him to please play nice and not get hurt or hurt anyone else...even though Scott really is a good sport and a nice player anyway, I know he really didn't need the reminder.

Today, Charles gave his first talk at church in primary and it was on our Savior, Jesus Christ. He was a bit shy at first, but Daddy was right behind him whispering words of encouragement into his ear and pretty soon Charles was able to speak his talk, fairly clearly, into the microphone. There were two other sunbeams who also were part of the opening exercise program, and they're quite a bit younger than Char; one girl just turned three in December and when it was her turn to give the prayer she went up to the microphone with a helper and then said she was 'too tired' and then sat back down :). It was very cute. They are always so cute and fun to watch. Good job Charlie, you did great!

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