Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Random thoughts

* I love going to Costco in the afternoon when they have their samples out, even though it's crazy busy at that time. This past Saturday was an especially good day for samples because of the superbowl. I tried one really yummy(okay, I actually had two. I got one for Annabelle even though I knew she wouldn't want it) chicken salad sandwich sample. I ended up making some Sunday.

*All three of our kids love grapefruit. Is that normal? I didn't like grapefruit until college. But I love it now and eat it often.

*The weather hasn't been too terribly cold over the past week and we've been able to go out on walks almost every day! I love going on walks and have missed doing it, so very much, over these past few months. I'm pretty sure my lack of walking over these past few months is related to my groin pains as of late. Which makes me even more excited and motivated to get back into walking regularly. The elliptical machine is great, but they work different muscles.*All family members have stayed surprisingly healthy this season(so far). We haven't had any vomiting, hardly any colds and definitely none that have lasted too long. I think we had one with a fever for one evening, but that's it. Amazing! I attribute our good health to the many blessings from the Lord, and to the obsessive compulsive mother(me), who does not want to be sick and pregnant like I was with Annabelle at one point in time, and so we use hand sanitizer constantly(we have several bottles throughout the house and I keep one handy in my purse) and we've been going out to less public places this season, trying to avoid catching something from someone else.

*I'm still really loving my wheat grinder. I grind about 6 cups a week and put it in different recipes that call for white flour: mostly pizza and pancakes. I substitute half and half with white flour.

*I am 32 weeks pregnant, which means I still have 8 weeks left to go. Generally, women gain quite a bit of weight in these last 8 weeks, which is unfortunate since I learned, at my doctor's appointment Monday, that I've already gained between 35-40 lbs. I'm pretty sure all the sweets I'm baking and eating has a lot to do with those numbers. Speaking of sweets, I made something called, '7 layer bars'(thanks Sharee for that recipe) this past weekend and they are so yummy! The seven layers are: butter, graham crackers crushed, craisins, white chocolate chips, sweetened condensed milk, coconut and chopped pecans.

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