Friday, February 12, 2010

Raking leaves

I think most people don't have leaves to rake this time of year. Generally, they rake them in the fall, when they fall, before it snows. But alas, once I finished raking the front yard(in the fall), I was not feeling up to raking the back, and Scott was busy preparing for his engineering exam, and so the leaves stayed put. And then the snow fell, covering up the leaves for a time. Now, a few months later, the snow has melted and our leaves can again be seen. And unfortunately, since we left them in heaps for so long and they've been piled on with snow, the bottom layer of leaves are black and soggy and stick to each other and to the grass. This makes raking leaves even more difficult. But this week, since Elisabeth is still off track and we're working on different projects, one day we decided to go out back and rake the leaves. So while Char and Annabelle played on the swingset, Elisabeth and I got to work and raked up and bagged a lot of leaves. She continues to amaze me at how helpful she can actually be now that she's a bit older. And she enjoys it! While we were raking she said to me, "Raking leaves is fun. Kind of like cleaning." Amazing! I hope her younger siblings will follow her example and someday, too, come to enjoy cleaning and keeping a clean home.

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