Thursday, February 4, 2010

New goal

Sunday, I told my mom and Scott that I was going to make a new goal: I would only eat 2 sweets a week and only on the weekend(I've been eating some sort of treat every day whether it's something I bake, ice cream, licorice etc). I thought I should probably tell someone about this goal, since last time I tried to make a similar goal(which was just a couple of weeks ago), I failed after a day or two. It has now been three days, and I am three days behind. Rats. Part of the problem is that Elisabeth is off track and as an activity, we like to bake fun and yummy things. But who am I kidding, I always like to bake, whether she's off track or not. Yesterday I wanted to try out a new cookie recipe. Maybe when they're all gone, I'll try and start again. Though I decided I need to tweak the recipe a little since we live in a high altitude maybe I'll try again once I get that figured out :). Hum...or maybe I need to revise my goal to better fit my needs since baking and sweets is apparently a 'need'.

Here are a couple of pictures of the cookies. The first is a picture of the cookies following the recipe exactly. The second picture, or the last batch (after we watched how the first and second batches were completely flat and would crumble upon the lightest of touches), I added a little more flour and it seemed to do the trick. They weren't flat anymore. Next time I'll follow the high altitude instructions which tell you to add flour along with a little water and to use a little less sugar.

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Casey said...

Ooh, I just made a yummy batch of cookies this week by substituting dried blueberries for the raisins in my oatmeal cookies. There was also a 1/4 tsp of almond extract instead of the usual tsp of vanilla. They were soooo good! I'd recommend giving them a shot... on the weekend. :)