Saturday, February 27, 2010

In the kitchen: food storage and my cute helpers

Since I've opened a few food storage number ten cans, I thought I'd better use them. So we've been experimenting with different food storage recipes. This week we made navajo fry bread that has dry powdered milk in it which we LOVED. They're good for dinner with beans and different taco makings on top, and they're good for dessert with butter and honey. The kids aren't really helping me make fry bread in this picture, they're 'making chicken', with my flour and some unopened canned food items and measuring cups and things.
We've also been drinking Moo's milk(since the last week or so), which is an alternative milk. The only ones that drink milk from a glass regularly are Elisabeth and Charles, and they haven't said anything about it(I made the powdered milk and put it in our old milk gallon container so no one would know, and Scott didn't know either until I told him after he'd had some). The rest of us generally just have milk with our cereal, and we haven't noticed a change in flavor there either.

I also tried out a cookie recipe that uses white beans as a substitute for butter. My cousins first told me about this and then I found a recipe in my cool food storage recipe book and we made them this weekend (Oh, by the way. My goal of only having 2 sweets a week went well this week. I didn't have any until this weekend! Well, that's if you don't count poppyseed bread as a dessert, which I don't...even though it had an orange glaze on top :). But before this week, I decided to put the goal on hold because of Valentine's Day and Annabelle's birthday. So I've really only done it for a week, but I feel like I'm doing good now. I even threw away a bunch of candy we had from different activities the kids had been involved in and from holidays etc.). And back to my white bean cookies: they turned out pretty good. The kids love them and keep asking for more and both Scott and I ate them as well and thought they were pretty good. Not quite Nestle Tollhouse, but they were pretty good. Scott remarked that they are more the consistency of pumpkin cookies, which seems right....more cakey, I suppose.
And here's a picture of our little mouse. I swear this kid has snuck cheese since he was able to walk. We've caught him on numerous occasions with parmesan cheese all over his face and shirt(like the picture below) or we'll find giant bite sized marks on blocks of cheese. I think it's hilarious. This picture is funny because I was cracking up while taking this picture, and yet Charles had this really sad expression on his face; I guess from being caught, even though I can't see why he'd be that sad when we were laughing about it.


Angela said...

What a cute face:) Your are such a fun, good mommy.

Aunna said...

I would love the recipe for the fry bread! We have lots of powdered milk we need to rotate. Your kids are adorable :)