Monday, February 22, 2010

Food storage jello poke cake

This past week I needed to make a food item to share at our relief society meeting, using my food storage. A friend of mine emailed me this 135 page dry pack cookbook with some cool recipes. I went through and picked several that sounded really yummy. I decided on the jello poke cake. I used my dry powdered whole eggs in the cake box mix with oil and water, and then the top has a box of jello with water, pudding also made with water, and whipped cream which I made from the dream whip dry packets and mixed some vanilla and dry powdered milk mix in with it. It turned out wonderfully! I'm glad to know that powdered eggs taste good in regular cake, so if we ever need to take full advantage of our food storage, at least we'll have something yummy to eat since I always have lots of cake box mixes on hand.
Here's the recipe:

Jello poke cake
1 yellow or white cake box mix (can use dry powdered eggs)
1 small jello (any flavor)
1/2 c. instant vanilla pudding mix
1 c water
1 8 oz cool whip (can use dream whip with powdered milk)

Make cake and let it cool. Make Jello using only 3/4 cup of water to dissolve and 3/4 cup
cold water. Poke holes in the cake using a straw or fork (about every 2 inches). Pour Jello
on cake and refrigerate for 2 hours. Mix pudding with water and refrigerate half hour. Mix
Cool Whip into pudding and spread on top of cake. Serve or store in fridge in covered
container until ready to serve.

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Amber said...

I guess this was the month to do cooking with your food storage for the RS meeting. I also organized one a week ago, and they did it in my Grandma's ward too. Great minds think alike!