Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Count down

In the late afternoon on Sunday, Scott prepared a yummy Italian dinner while Charles and Annabelle played Dominos, and Elisabeth and I put together a construction paper chain link to count down the days to baby's due date. It's interesting because the first 7 months kind of flew by and I could never remember how many weeks I was, but now that it's getting closer and I'm huge and so it's just something I notice and am constantly aware of, I know, not only the weeks when asked, but the days. So from today we have 41 days until her due date. She's supposed to arrive the day after Easter, and general conference, which is April 5th.

Local stores are already getting all of their Easter stuff out which makes me even more excited. I just wish these last 40 days could go by as fast as the rest of the pregnancy. I've already taken out all of our baby girl new born clothes and put them away in her closet(and Annabelle's for the time being). I have some newborn diapers and all the other things we need all ready as well. I think the only thing I still need to do is make a list of what to bring to the hospital and pack my bag. I'm sure I'll make the list soon and put it in my bag, but I probably won't actually pack the bag until I'm in labor, counting contractions at home because most of the stuff I bring are things I use on a daily basis.

We set up a toddler bed down in Elisabeth's room(she sleeps in the basement alone and has been excitedly anticipating sharing her room with Annabelle) for Annabelle to sleep in and just this week we started having them share a room at night and so far it's gone fine. Though I still have all of Annabelle's clothes in the baby room closet upstairs and she continues to nap in the crib in the baby room. I'm not sure when I'm going to decide to give the crib up, but not any time soon. I may even wait some months after the baby is born since she'll be in her bassinet for awhile. I'll move her clothes down after this week if the girls continue to do well sleeping together.

Here's a picture of Annabelle on her new-to-her toddler bed. When she was sleeping alone in her crib, she usually slept with a few special blankets and three babies. But since she's moved down with Elisabeth, and I'm not sure which of the girls was the one to add all of these items, but she sleeps with the same several blankets and babies plus 2 barbies, a stuffed butterfly, a stuffed monkey, a stuffed bear, and a stuffed cat. They're all nice and snug in the bed.

My mom is coming out March 25 which gives me something a little sooner to look forward to, and Scott's mom will be coming out as well, hopefully pretty close to that same time, though we don't know of an exact day yet. Until then, I'm just hoping for beautiful weather so that me and the kids can get out of the house every day for a walk to help keep us all sane during this final stage of pregnancy. (Oh and by the way, thanks Kelley for the Christmas gift cards...Scott and I used them this weekend and bought ourselves some nicer, comfy pillows which has been a dream come true!)

Bring on Spring and April and beautiful flowers and warmer weather!


Rachel said...

I hear you I need warm weather and spring also!! I hope the next 41 days go by super quick for you! And it will be fun for you to have your mom here for the last little bit of the pregnancy!

Casey said...

I love that you are always so sweet and positive. Reading your blog is very uplifting. I hope someday I can be as calm and peaceful as you are. :) Your kids are lucky to have you as a mom!

I hope the next 41 days go by quickly for you! I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of your new little daughter. :)

Lindsay said...

Crazy...41 days! I'm not sure if I'm ready for our baby to get here yet. Still so much to do, but I have a few more extra weeks than you. The chain idea is such a great idea. I will have to do that as it gets closer. It will be a good visual for the kids--I swear they think she is NEVER coming!