Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Annabelle is two!

Annabelle is 2 years old and is so much fun! We all love to spend time with her and to watch and listen to the new things she's saying and doing. Here are some things about our 2 year old.

Annabelle calls animals by the sounds they make: "Ruff"-dog, "Meow"-cat and "ew, ew, Aw"-monkey

Annabelle is the latest of our children, so far, to develop her language abilities and speak in sentences which makes sense since she has 2 older siblings and a mom and dad who understand what she wants with her just using gestures and so I'm sure she rarely feels the need to use words and sentences. But she is getting a little better and she can say quite a few words. Here are some of the words or phrases she uses most often:Oh, I do!, Yes, Yeah, No, Mine, Daddy, Mommy, Poopy, Pee, Toe, Shoe, Juice, Eye, All done, Uh-oh, Ow!, Um, "Ah Daddy"-where's daddy? "A down"-I want to get down, "My baba"-my water bottle, "A-nonin'"-good morning, "no"-nose

Annabelle is definitely a happy little girl and she spreads cheer wherever she goes. She loves to sing and hum and dance and dress up and do all the other things that most little girls enjoy doing. Over the past month or so, she's gotten into playing make believe games with Charles and Elisabeth. The other day they were playing house and I peeked in on them a few times and heard Annabelle calling Charlie "Daddy" since that was the role he was playing. And then she called Elisabeth "Mommy" to which Elisabeth quickly corrected her: "No Annabelle, I'm not the mom, I'm the sister. We don't have a mom because she died, remember?" Apparently they were reenacting the movie, Barbie and the 12 Dancing Princesses. "Oh" was Annabelle's reply, and she didn't call Elisabeth, 'mom' again.

Annabelle loves to get in her dress on Sunday and go to church with us, though once sacrament has finished and it's time to go to nursery with the other little children, she begins to cry. She just started doing this probably a month ago when Charlie moved out of her nursery class and up to the Sunbeam class with the other 3 and 4 year olds. Annabelle just loves to be with her siblings and her family which I think was the root of her sudden meltdowns. She doesn't have any problems when we have a babysitter over, so I don't think it's a stranger apprehension, she just wants to have at least one of her family members with her. But she's adjusting. Last Sunday, after very few tears and mom asking to see her 'happy face' several times, to which Annabelle forced a smile through her sad eyes, she stayed in nursery the entire time and the leaders said she did really well. Wahoo! I think we're making progress.

We've started potty training Annabelle, and she's been pretty successful. She's still doing really well and wants to use the potty often. Mostly it's hard for me because when we go or when she takes naps, I stick a diaper on her and then it's so easy that I end up leaving it on for the remainder of the day which doesn't help anything. Hopefully we'll be able to be better about this pretty soon. My goal is to have her day-time potty trained by the end of March before the next baby arrives.

I made an Elmo cake for Annabelle this year because he's one of the few things she recognizes and gets excited about, even though she's never actually seen a show with Elmo. She also loves princesses, even more so than Elmo, but since I do princess cakes for all of Elisabeth's birthdays, and since Annabelle didn't actually tell me she wanted a princess cake, I decided to go with something else she likes. And I had picked up this Elmo cake pan a couple of years ago from a garage sale and had been wanting to try it out.

On the morning of her birthday, after we ate breakfast, Annabelle opened her gifts. She loved them all, though after she opened her princess barbies from Granny, she was done looking at everything else for a little while. Later that morning she put on her tutu and leotard and danced around with her barbies. (By the way, I had to make a run to Roberts Craft store last night for some last minute icing colors for her Elmo cake and since they give out balloons to children, I asked if I could take a few home for my kids. We attached the balloons to her high chair after she was asleep, which she thought was the neatest surprise) :). Later in the evening, once daddy was home and we had eaten dinner, we sang Happy Birthday and ate the Elmo cake.

She loves the tutu I made her which makes me happy :).
Happy Birthday Annabelle! We love you!


The Horne's said...

I really can't believe she's 2! I remember finding your blog right before you had her! I can't believe that was two years ago!!! That cake is AMAZING!!!

Lindsay said...

Wow on the cake!! Can't believe she's two--that means my little girl will shortly be following. Great job on the lamp--I'm glad that worked for you.
And that little Valentine's over-nighter sounds heavenly--how fun!

Katherine said...

Okay, that cake BLOWS my mind!