Friday, February 5, 2010

Ain't she a beaut!

Since we've been married, I've been lucky enough to have been the recipient of 2 sewing machines. The first was given to me by my wonderful aunt some 6 years ago or so. I was still attending BYU, life was busy, I didn't ever sew and so when my sister-in-law told me she was wanting to get a sewing machine because she enjoyed sewing(or was beginning to) I told her she could take over that one.

It's now been 6 years and life has changed quite a bit for us since then. I have some time at night to work on projects, if I choose, and I have some good friends that enjoy sewing. I've recently done a couple of different projects with them. Then a couple of months ago, a friend who was moving out of our ward, asked if I had a sewing machine, and I didn't, and she offered me her old one since she has a new one. I gladly took it off her hands and brought it home.

I tried to set the thing up, but since I have no experience with threading the machine or bobbins or anything, I failed miserably, put the machine back in it's case, and brought it down to the dungeon(aka our unfinished, cement-walled and floored laundry/craft/food storage room). A couple of weeks ago, when one of my sewing friends was over, I asked her if she would take a look and see if she could figure out how to work the thing. She tried, but like I mentioned before, this is a very old model and very different from her own and so we were unsuccessful. I found a user manual online, read through it, and tried again the next day, with no luck. Though remember, I have very little experience with sewing machines so reading a user manual was like reading a book in a foreign language since I don't know the names of most of the parts to the machine. So I decided to ask sweet Cathy in our ward who is an excellent seamstress by profession, if she would mind taking a look at it one day.

One afternoon, Cathy called and came over, hooked it right up very easily and let me practice doing it a couple of times with her sitting at my side, and we got it working! That night after the kids had gone to bed, Scott and I put on one of the Love Comes Softly saga dvd's that we picked up from the library, and while he folded clothes, I sewed together 5 hooded baby towels that have been sitting around in storage, just waiting to be put together! After I'd finished my project, and was so pleased that she(my sewing machine, which I've named Snow White since her maker is White and she is white) was working for me, the operator, I couldn't help but smile fondly while patting the top of her and saying to Scott, "Ain't she a beaut?" I had so much fun working on this little sewing project! I'm excited to try out some new things and see if I can get any better at sewing a straight stitch :).


The Clarks said...

Cool! I have had this really weird desire lately to learn how to sew. And I think about it ALL the time. Kind of strange... I think that is so awesome that you are learning to sew and have a sewing machine! SO JEALOUS!

Vanessa said...

GO Elisa! Glad you were able to get it working. Sewing machine is on my list of toys to buy after school.

Rachel said...
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Rachel said...

Good for you Elisa! I'm Glad you figured out how to use "Snow White". She could be one of your best friends! I don't know what I would do with out my sewing machine. And you get better every time you sew! It just takes a little time like every thing!!!=) Love the hooded towels by the way. They are one of the greatest things ever for kids!!

Margot said...

She is a beaut! Well done. And kudos to both you and Scott for being so productive after the kids are asleep.