Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Valentine's Day mail box

Elisabeth is off track right now, but she'll go back to school right around Valentine's Day. Over the break, we're supposed to put together some sort of Valentine's mail box or bag or something that her other classmates can put their valentine's cards in. This past Thursday morning after breakfast, me and the kids went down to the laundry room(slash craft/food storage/sewing machine room) and grabbed a bunch of construction paper and stencils and other craft things and then brought them up to the dining room table and began our art project. Elisabeth and I ended up using a tissue box we'd just finished as the foundation for the box and then dressed it up with construction paper, a popsicle stick and some pens. It turned out really cute and she helped with a lot of it. She helped trace and cut out hearts, she placed and glued them, she stenciled letters on the side while I held it in place and she wrote her name and the city where she lives on the other side of the mailbox(we made it look like a letter addressed to her on one side). While we worked on that, Charles and Annabelle cut paper and colored.

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Rachel said...

That is so cute! Tell Elizabeth well done! I always loved making my valentines day boxes every year!! What a fun girly thing.