Friday, December 4, 2009

Our FHE turkeys

We read the turkey with a terrible temper story on the Monday before Thanksgiving and while I read it, the kids would glue on feathers that corresponded with the story. Once we finished the story, we each wrote one thing on each of our feathers that we are thankful for, so we each had to come up with 5 things. Charles was thankful for Mom, Dad, his cars, his books and his digger(excavator). Elisabeth was thankful for her family, her bed, clothes, food, princesses and ballet(she doubled up two on one feather). I'm thankful for Jesus, our family, friends, scriptures, temples, that Scott has a job and much, much more. Scott wasn't there for our FHE because that's when he was working really long hours, but I think he'd be thankful for all the things we mentioned(he may not have said princesses, though our girls are princesses so if you think of it that way, then he'd be thankful for princesses too).

And here are a few random pictures that the kids took one Sunday when they got a hold of our camera.
And one more random picture of me and Scott over the Thanksgiving holiday

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