Thursday, December 17, 2009

Flying solo

I've been in WA with the kids now for about 5 days. Things are going pretty well, though we had a couple of rough nights when we first got here, trying to adjust to the new sleep arrangements etc. We all miss Scott and can't wait to see him again. We don't like being away from him.

Our flight here went extremely well. Scott dropped us off at the airport in the morning and we had skycap take all our bags and put them on the plane so that I wouldn't have to struggle dragging them around the airport and waiting in the baggage line with the kids and all our stuff. That worked really well. The security check was the hardest part (even though they let me zip right through the long line to the front) because we had to take everyone's shoes and jackets off and then put them back on again. And it really wasn't too bad. The people behind us were very understanding and sweet. But something I'll remember for our flight home will be to wear shoes I can slip on fairly easily, and to grab our things off the belt and move to a bench before putting everything back on again.

We only had to wait about 20 minutes before they started boarding the plane which was nice. Once we got on we pulled out some snacks so that the kids could be chewing and swallowing when the doors on the plane shut and for the elevation change. When we were up in the air, we pulled out our dvd player and started a movie, but after a little while, Elisabeth wanted to draw, so I had her move to the row right next to ours that was empty....we were lucky enough to fly when the plane was mostly empty....and the people who were on the flight, apparently thought it would be wise to stay away from the 6 month pregnant lady with the three little kids, so that was nice; we had lots of open seats around us. So, even though Annabelle was a lap child, she only sat on my lap during take off and landing. The flight went really well, the kids were entertained and we bought some snacks to eat that we don't usually buy but that they wish they could have, so they were pretty happy. And the flight is only 2 hours which was a good amount of time. About the last 15 minutes Annabelle started to get really antsy and wanted to get out and walk through the aisle, so I was thankful that our plane was getting ready to land. I hope we're just as blessed on the flight home. Oh, and on the decent, Elisabeth's ears were hurting a little, but it cleared up as soon as we landed; that seemed a little odd to me because she hasn't had any trouble with sinus lately.

Thanks a bunch to my brother Luis for picking us up at the airport and taking us safely to Granny and Grandpa's...even though he forgot the carseats. I checked one on the plane for Annabelle, so at least she was safely strapped for the 30 minute drive home. And Luis is a good, safe driver.

I'm continuously grateful to the Lord for watching over us and blessing us.

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Stacie said...

So glad it went well. I know the stress of traveling without my husband but with the kids (but not with three!!). Anyway, I have learned that the Lord hears the prayers of anxious mothers in airplanes, and there have definitely been some tender mercies.

Hope Scott gets there soon and that your holidays are wonderful!