Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas activities

Here are a few pictures from our Grazzini family Christmas party. We always do a white elephant gift exchange which is a lot of fun. Annabelle got some headbands and her and her cousin(I think they'd be second cousins?) Nya had fun trying to fit as many as they could on their heads.
One night Santa and Mrs. Claus came to our city center. The kids all wanted to go see him, so we went over and the kids got to sit on his lap; well not Annabelle. She didn't want to get anywhere near him. They also had crafts to make and cookies to decorate and scones to eat. Elisabeth wanted to wait in the long Santa line from the beginning, so that's what she and I did. Scott on the other hand thought we should do the crafts and just skip Santa because the line was so long. So he took Annabelle and Charles to do the crafts and then once they were done they got in line to do Santa, which it turns out we should have done too because Elisabeth and I waited over an hour in line and Scott only had to wait ten minutes because they went later in the evening. Oh well. But that's why I only have pictures of Elisabeth with Santa.

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