Saturday, November 21, 2009

Making sugar cookies

The kids and I made Thanksgiving sugar cookies this week(we ate and shared half of them and the other half we froze for next week) . Elisabeth and Charles both like to be very involved in the mixing and baking process. Well, at least they start out that way. But Charles, after a short time, gets distracted. Here he has magically turned his rolling pin, into a baseball bat. Elisabeth actually did stay focused and on task the entire time, and she was a big help to me. I did most of the rolling out and then she'd help with the cookie cutters and while I placed everything on the cookie sheet, she'd get all the dough scraps together and ready for me to roll out again. It's nice when my little helpers can actually help. But, I suppose there is an experimenting and learning time that they all must go through so that they can one day be capable and helpful. Annabelle and Charlie are both still in that experimental/learning stage. It's fun to watch them learn and see their eyes light up with excitement when they see the finished product and something they helped create.

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Robin said...

Your sugar cookies always look so delicious! Good job kids! And see you soon.