Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Just kidding

So, well, it looks like Scott's crazy hours are not over yet. Yesterday he worked for about 16 hours, and got home around 1130pm. And tonight...we're not sure what time he'll be home but it's now 830pm and all the kids are in bed and it's not looking like he'll be home for a few more hours. We love you and miss you Scott!

Many thanks to my dear friend Elisa L. who watched my kids so that I could do our Thanksgiving day shopping without them today, and who then invited us over for dinner! We had french onion soup, which was my first time ever having this, and it was divine! So good! Well, but anything Elisa makes is SO good. So anyway, now here I am, bored, writing blogs, not really wanting to read anymore today or watch any movies(I've sure done a lot of that this week. By the way, don't watch Mama Mia, the whole plot and moral of the story is just no good. Sorry to those of you who do like it. But Up is cute. I cried within the first 5 minutes of that movie; it had a very touching scene in the beginning where we see the life he has with his wife and it touches on the key points and it's just so sweet). I can't wait to see Becca and Krissy tomorrow! Yay!

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Margot said...

I'm sorry that his crazy hours aren't over yet. His schedule sounds a lot like Bryan's has been lately. No fun.

I agree about Mamma Mia, I was sorely disappointed. We have the Broadway cast recording and dance around to it all the time, but the whole lack of morals in the plot was a let-down.

And I totally cried at the same place in UP. We watched it as a family and the boys kept looking at me trying to figure out why I was quietly sobbing. It was such a good movie.