Monday, November 9, 2009

Email from mom's principal

Mom forwarded me an email(good job Mom on figuring out how to forward an email. I know I talked you through the steps but we were both still a little uncertain if it'd work and I was relieved when I saw it in my inbox) sent out from the principal at her school to the other teachers. Mom is a reading recovery teacher at an elementary school in WA. Anyway, I liked what he said and how he put things so I want it in our family journal. Here it is:

Subject: Rojean
Importance: High

Hello everyone,

I wanted to get some news to all of you. Rojean is beginning a battle against pancreatic cancer. But here’s the deal: she has one of the best surgeons in the country and he has one of the highest success rates. He’s very hopeful. Much more importantly, Rojean is, as she says, “choosing happiness.” She is taking this on with a smile and a positive attitude and she wishes for all of us to think these same hope-filled thoughts when we talk with her.

She is scheduled to have surgery in December and will have a variety of tests before then as her “super thorough” doctor sets her up for a successful procedure. Following the surgery, she may have chemo or radiation or may be a part of a new experimental procedure at Johns Hopkins University. Time will tell what path is taken toward Rojean’s health following the surgery but I think things will be fine. They have to be, actually- we NEED Rojean working with our kids!

During Rojean’s absence (which will likely include winter break), she will track down a good sub to make a difference in the reading of some of your students. We may have to take a short break from Garnica Miracles in Reading, but it’ll be okay.

I’d like to end by saying that despite receiving this challenging news today, Rojean still had her Parent Literacy Workshop tonight and gave amazing advice and instruction to a group of all-ELL parents. Even today, Rojean was working to help our struggling readers.

Thank you Rojean- you’re an inspiration. I will choose to join you in your happiness. We are all with you during this challenge.



berrymom said...

Elisa. My heart reaches to you. I will be praying for your mom and your family.

Betsy said...

What a good example she is to all of us! That must be where you get it from!! Love to your family!

Maren said...

That is an Awesome letter about your mom. He sounds like a great person. I am glad your Mom is finding such good support as she embarks on this new road.

southgirl said...

Oh Elisa, I'm thinking about you and your Mom and sending prayers your way. She is obviously a remarkable person and you are a credit to her.

I'm sure that it is a very great comfort to your Mom to see her daughter raising up a family unto the Lord. All of the values she cherishes are being passed to the next generation. May that knowledge give her hope and strength at this challenging time.

--Donna Nielsen

Amber said...

Wow, what horrible news, but what a sweet email from the principle. How could anyone not love your mom? She is an angel on earth and we are definitely praying for her and your family!

Angela said...

It is obvious that Rojean's gentle spirit and loving, giving nature is an inspiration to many. She is a beloved person. We will all think positive thoughts and send good energy her way.