Sunday, November 29, 2009

Cafe Rio crock pot chicken

Thanks for all the crock pot recipes you shared through comments and emails. I have so many more to choose from and I can't wait to try them all out!

This past Friday Scott, me and Krissy did some early morning day-after-Thanksgiving day shopping while Becca and Grant watched the kids(Thanks guys!!). We were pretty successful. I had been wanting to get a larger crock pot since ours is a 2 quart one, and I saw an ad for a 5 quart digital crock pot at a couple different places for around $10. We were able to pick one of those up and a toaster oven (Charles melted some crayons down our toaster some time ago, so we've been using another hand-me-down one that will usually toast at least one side of the bread) each one was $10! I love finding good deals! And we got a few other things. Today (Sunday) we had our annual Grazzini Christmas party, and we had it at our house this year. My aunt brought the salad and my cousins brought some amazing desserts (don't forget to email me those recipes ladies!) and we were in charge of the main dish. I wanted to do a crock pot meal since we get out of church at 4pm and the family was coming over at 415, so that's where you all came in handy. I ended up making the Cafe Rio crock pot chicken. We also served it with the Cafe Rio rice, black beans(canned; I loved canned black beans!) and the Cafe Rio green salad dressing that Scott and I made the night before. I hadn't made any of these recipes before, and normally I would never experiment like this on guests, but I'm glad I did because they all turned out great. They were great recipes. Thanks all, for sharing!

Oh, and by the way, I'll have to post pictures of different events later because, for the time being, Scott has to leave his lap top at work since they're working on some confidential business, and for some strange reason, our computer will not read and load the pictures from my camera. It's done this ever since we got it last year and we've tried all different things. Anyway, I'm not sure exactly when he can bring it home again, but it may not be until all the deadlines are due which is December 10th.

Oh, and by the way again, we had Scott all to ourselves for 4 days in a row(well, probably more like three since he went to the BYU game Saturday) which was a little piece of heaven on earth for our family! We LOVE having Daddy with us!

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Clark Family said...

I Love finding new recipes that are actually yummy! And on a completely different subject, could you email me your address? (we're working on our Christmas cards) Thanks!