Wednesday, November 18, 2009

BYU football cake

My friend Lindsay and I, do a swapping of services: photography for birthday cakes. I love it! She's so good at what she does. We're grateful to have her. Last week was her sons birthday. They thought he'd like to have a football cake and I found out his favorite team is BYU. So this is what we came up with(and Lindsay found the little football player figurine to add on top which was perfect!).


Ben said...

Putting Tony Romo on top of a BYU cake? That has to qualify as blasphemy. Scott, I am ashamed you let this happen.

Rachel said...

So neat that you guys do that!! What a fun cake too. It looked awesome!!

Lindsay said...

To answer your question...I got the FB player at Toys R Us--it was the only one that looked kind of similar to BYU--same colors! But, apparently from reading the comment above, maybe he isn't such a good player??! Oh well...Emerson has no idea! Thanks again though--the cake turned out fabulous. Maybe you should start making them for BYU tailgating parties :)