Monday, October 26, 2009

Where the Wild Things Are

Elisabeth is on a three week break right now, from year round school, so I've tried to plan some fun things to do while she's with us all day. Every Monday at a theater near by, they show a "Mom" movie which means whatever children's/family movie they have playing at their theater, on Monday during the first showing of the film for the day, they'll allow children 5 and under in for free. So today during Scott's lunch break(he took a long one so he could come with us), we went and saw Where the Wild Things Are.

We have this book and love it, and we read it just before the movie started, so the kids were pretty excited. In the beginning of the movie it was fun for them to see who Max and all the Wild Things were. But then the girls grew tired of it. And honestly, I really didn't care for the movie either. There are some movies I see where I think, 'wow, this is really good, I wish I could sit here all day and watch and that it would never end.' Now of course, if it really did never end, I wouldn't like it, but I think you know what I mean. This movie was not like that. And in fact, after sitting and watching for about 5 minutes I thought to myself, "oh boy, I hope this gets better, and I hope the camera man stops shaking the camera so much" But it didn't. On a positive note, it was fun to see the different parts in the movie that were similar to the book: the costumes for the wild things were great, they really did a fantastic job on them so that they looked like they came right out of the book. But the story was sad and everyone was so angry and it was a bit dark. I just really didn't enjoy it. And I know the wild things were supposed to represent the way children are and their behaviors etc., but I really didn't care much for it. And Max's family life was a little uncomfortable which wasn't what I imagined from the book. I imagined for one, Max being much younger, more like 3 and not 10 or however hold he was in this, and I imagined he had a very nice family life, but that he got sent to bed early one night because he was being a little too wild, but then his mom calmed down once she had a minute to herself and apologized for her quick reaction and brought him dinner. So anyways, not what I imagined, a bit disappointed, and I felt a little sick after sitting through it because they kept shaking the camera's around, maybe to make things look a little more wild and crazy? I don't know.

Charles sat and watched the entire movie and seemed pretty interested, but about half way through, both Elisabeth and Annabelle started to get bored and Elisabeth started moving around a lot more in her seat or on our aisle, and Annabelle got up completely and walked around the theater...good thing it was a 'Mom' showing and so there were several other kids doing the same thing and it felt okay. But I'm sure the kids didn't understand the message of the movie;The movie seemed like it was more for adults, but then, it's hard to say if adults would really care for all the monsters and childishness either. I've read mixed reviews on the movies as well, so I guess some will love it and support it and others will not. I'm just glad we didn't actually spend money on the kids to see the movie as well. Next time we want to see a movie in the theater, I think we'll wait for it to come to Red Box(unless it's a Twilight or Harry Potter movie, of course).

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The Horne's said...

Yes, I have heard it was very scary for kids, and not very good. Bummer.