Saturday, October 10, 2009

Four things

Some of you may have already noticed that I made our blog public again. I was talking to my sister this week on the phone and she said, 'so are you getting big yet?' to which I responded, 'yes, didn't you see my picture on the blog?' To which she replied, "No. I haven't checked it since you went private." "Becca," I say in exasperation. "What? There's too many steps now,"she quickly added. Also, after checking my blog twice, my mom misplaced her username and password. So I was right, because I did mention in an earlier post that my family is technologically challenged. If we lived in the same state I wouldn't care so much, but since we don't, I want them to still be able to see pictures and read updates that I may forget to mention over the phone. We do have some sort of filter in that is supposed to block people from finding us through a search engine, so hopefully that helps a little. Anyways, on to other things.

First thing:
I was off my medicine for 4 days, which is the longest I've been off, but then I threw up this morning, so I took a pill afterwards. I'm still not quite done with morning sickness at almost 15 weeks. Let's hope it doesn't last the entire pregnancy. I'm feeling pretty good now though, so that's good. It no longer takes over the entire day.

Second thing:
I don't know if I mentioned before, but I have another calling besides being the relief society music leader. Now, I'm also the relief society meeting chairman(I think that's what the name would be called now since they've just changed, 'enrichment' meetings to plain old relief society meetings). And Super Saturday is coming up this month, which is one of my projects. Here are the activities we're offering:
Nativity glass blocks with lights inside, bead watches, quiet books(they're really cards with pictures of Christ and prophets etc, and these were by far the most popular item), magnet boards, different types of magnets, holiday door hangers, beaded jewelry, hooded towels for children, lanterns with vinyl, vinyl boards with different sayings, picture holders, and there's probably a couple other things that I'm forgetting. Here's a terrible picture of some of the crafts that I took down in our unfinished laundry room/storage room. I tried to put the soft focus around the picture using Picasa so that you wouldn't have to see all the other clutter and junk in our storage room. But I think it made it look worse. Oh well, it's a good thing I'm not a photographer. Though I'd like to take up that hobby...maybe someday.Third thing:
We worked on several projects this past week. I made a fall wreath for our door that cost me less than $4, the kids and I made another halloween tree and this year we made pumpkin, spider and ghost ornaments using some old sculpey clay I had in the storage room,
and I also made more egg carton and dryer lint fire starters. Wow, that was a really long sentence. We were almost out of the other fire starters we made a couple of years ago, and they worked so well that we thought we'd better make some more. The nice thing is that you don't really have to buy anything because most people have these items already at home(candle wax, dryer lint and egg shell cartons); but actually, I did buy the little pot I needed to melt the wax in, but I only spent $1 for it at D.I.

Fourth thing:
I've been waiting months for our turn at the dry pack cannery to be in the evening, and it finally was this past week! So I went and packed(with the help of my friend Alicia, thank you my dear) 5 cases of white wheat, which is 30, #10 cans, and 2 cases of sugar which is 12, #10 cans. They also had already packed items on their shelves that I could just take so I also picked up a few cans of dehydrated apple slices and potato flakes. We still don't have our year supply yet, but we're getting closer! I love walking into my storage room and seeing all our food. It makes me feel safe and secure for the future.

And here is a picture of the tomatoes that Angela canned while she was here with us. Thanks Angela!


Kimberlyn said...

All of your crafts look awesome, I'm sure super saturday will be a hit.
Way to go on the food storage!

Amber said...

You have a TON of Super Saturday crafts. What a lot of work! Hope you and the sisters have fun!

The Horne's said...

Can you post how to make the fire starters? What a great idea! We always have egg cartons so if I could put them to use that'd be great. you said candle wax and a dryer sheet?