Saturday, October 31, 2009

Canning applesauce

Last week, someone from the neighborhood stopped by with a big box of apples from their tree! Our family LOVES applesauce and eats it just about every day, so I decided to turn our apples into applesauce. I borrowed this cool little apple corer and slicer gadget, and things went pretty quick. I only had 8 pint jars so I thought I'd fill them all with applesauce and then save whatever was left in the fridge, but that whole box of apples actually only made 7 jars! I was surprised. But I guess once you core them and slice them and then boil them down, everything gets smaller. And I did save a bag of apples for us to eat raw over the week. The kids wanted to eat it all, right when I finished, but I told them they couldn't, that they at least had to sit on our shelf, in their beautiful food storage jars for at least a week, so I could get some satisfaction during that time out of seeing the canning I'd done.

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Maren said...

I agree about the letting it sit there. It took hours to get it int he jar, so it should stay there. It can last for years, and they want to eat it right now?