Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Watching dad mow

I was downstairs when I heard Annabelle calling out, 'Daddy!! Daddy, hi!' I knew he was outside, so I was curious if she could really see him(she has been known to climb on top of chairs and get onto the table) or if she was just playing some make-believe game. I ran upstairs to check and found her leaning precariously on her window sill on the arm of the rocking chair, with only one foot. She's a pretty smart girl(I couldn't believe how well she balanced on there with the rocking chair leaning so far back), but she can be dangerous too!

And just for fun: I've been putting a clip in the front of Annabelle's hair to keep her bangs out of her face while they're growing long, but she always takes them out and we've lost many of them. So Elisabeth suggested we use one of her rubberband ponytails. And it worked! She could not get that thing out no matter how hard she tried! But it looked funny(notice the way it sticks straight up. And her hair isn't that short) so I only had her wear it while we were in the house.


kelley said...

LOL! She looks like a Dr. Suess character.

Btw, like the new layout!

The Horne's said...

I love your new blog lay out! It looks great!!

April said...

Wow, she's getting big. Cute.