Sunday, August 2, 2009

The shoe thief

The shoe thief(aka Annabelle) has been at it again. Elisabeth got a new pair of flip-flops from Granny while in Wa, and no more than a day after we'd been home, one of the flip-flops went missing. We searched for a week with no luck. But then one day, the heaven's must have smiled on us because we found that missing flip flop, in Annabelle's room, behind the rocking chair. So we've enforced a new rule: if you want to wear matching shoes, keep those shoes in a closet with doors and make sure the doors are always shut.

A happy Elisabeth just after her flip-flop was returned; and our shoe thief in the background, eyeing the flip-flops, hoping she'll get another chance to wear the pretty sandals.


Lindsay said...

It must be the age! My Elizabeth is all over shoes as well! Seriously, she is trying on everyone's shoes that are by the back door all day long. So I am ALWAYS searching for shoes before we go out...and find them in the craziest places.

Angela said...

The look on Annabelle's face is priceless. So funny.

Maren said...

I love the picture! hilarious that she is looking at the shoes still.