Thursday, August 20, 2009


We've been working on lots of different projects over the last couple of weeks:

1. Priming and spray painting some garage sale or hand-me-down bikes. We decided to spray them in colors that either boys or girls would feel comfortable riding since many siblings and friends will most likely be using these same bikes. We painted the tricycle a shiny green, and we're still in the process of painting a two wheeler, a shiny blue color.


2. A neighbor of ours brought a whole box of apricots to a ward gathering for anyone to take. Near the end of the activity, I asked her if I could take any leftovers and she said yes. So I was able to take home a lot of apricots! We made two batches of apricot freezer jam, and I made two pans of apricot fruit leather! Everything turned out delicious!!

3. Scott found a free dresser while driving home one day and picked it up. He fixed some loose shelves, sanded it down and is now in the process of giving it a second coat of paint. It looks great!

4. I've been wanting to make hooded bath towels for awhile(Gina made me a couple for my kids and I LOVE them and use them all the time) to use for the family and to give as baby gifts. I found some towels on sale and decided to give it a go. I got Samantha in on the project(she's very crafty and has a sewing machine we could use. Thanks Samantha!), we printed out some directions we found online, and made some hooded towels that turned out wonderfully! They're so cute, fairly easy(easy for anyone who has any sewing skills; which is why I say 'fairly easy' because I have no sewing skills, so I had to practice sewing a straight line a few times before I got it down alright) and a good price.

5. I was paid to teach a cake decorating class (it was basics for buttercream and fondant) at the Library this week. So I made two cakes and covered one in buttercream and one in fondant, and was able to put together an hour presentation which consisted of a lot of demonstration while talking, with questions in between and it went really well. We had about 40 people in attendance too which was bigger that I had originally thought, but cool all the same. Thanks Samantha(again) for this opportunity. I had a blast talking with all those wonderful women and talking about something I love!

Here's a picture of the fondant cake that I started decorating. I didn't have time to finish decorating either one. And the big red bin in the back is full with some of the tools and things I brought to show and use.
By the way: I'm not sure if I'm going to keep our blog private or not. I want our family to be safe, but I also like that there are lots of good people out there who can do searches and get some good and hopefully sometimes, inspirational or uplifting bits of information from our blog. And my parents are what you might call, technologically challenged(my apologies mom, if you do read this. But we all know it's true), and now that they have to put in a name and password, I'm afraid my family in Seattle won't be as updated on our lives anymore. Does anyone have any good ideas of how you can keep a public blog safe? I've heard of not using names, but I don't know if I could not use any of our names, that seems really difficult. But I don't know. Does anyone have anything else that they feel works for them or others they know?


The Horne's said...

Elisa, you amaze me! It's just amazing how you find ways to re-invent things. These days, people are caught up in buying everything new for babies, and top of the line - when really, the kids have no idea, and like it for a month and then are over it - and there went your money. You guys are so creative, and your kids love EVERYTHING you do for them. You gusy inspire me for when we start our family! Thanks!

The Clarks said...

Mmmmmm...fruit leather. That was my favorite home-made thing growing up. I wish I knew you were doing the cake decorating class...I so would have come! I think we might have the same library now! =) Also, I personally think you should keep your blog private. There are just too many creepos out there these days (and you do have a lot of personal info in your blog)...I would suggest putting your blog address under your "info" section on facebook and write something to the extent of "please ask me for an invitation if you would like to view..." But the private thing is a pain....I don't know... =) Good luck!

Kev and Chels said...

Wow, so many worth while projects! You guys are amazing! Someone told me they don't use their last name on their blog for safety reasons, which made sense since someone could use it to look you up. I ended up changing our blog address b/c originally it had our last name. Also, did you know you can block people from googling your blog? That makes me feel safer, like at least if someone was on my blog they would have had to get the address from me or get there from a friends blog, or guess and that would be pretty arbitrary. You had mentioned a friend found her kids photos on a pornography website. Were they dressed in the pics or not? My friend who is a social worker told me to never put anything up of my kids in the tub, as an example, just from their personal experiences with people. Creepy and sad we have to worry about this at all. Anywho, congrats on tons of cool and productive projects recently.

berrymom said...

I don't know about the private vs. public decision. Good luck deciding! I love all your projects!

kelley said...

Congrats on all the cool projects! And one thing that I do with my blog, not for privacy really, but just out of curiosity, is you can set up your blog to have a report created about who is reading, in what frequency, from where, etc. It's very cool and it's through Google. It's called Analytics. It's kind of complicated so you may need to get Scotty to set it up. I'm not even sure I could walk through it a second time.

Rachel said...

You guys have been busy! Wow! I am very impressed with all your cool projects! I need to get some of my own going! You guys still on for Labor Day? I will call you!

Rojean said...

I have successfully accepted your invitation (after several tries--those "goofy" words are hard to copy when you're setting things up--I thought I did it perfectly every time.)Anyway, don't change to public for me. But I do think a weekly public post without pictures could be a good thing.