Monday, August 31, 2009

Elisabeth's first day of school!

Elisabeth started kindergarten last week, and this is the first official schooling she's ever had. We didn't do any preschooling, so I wasn't sure how difficult this adjust would be for her. She goes to school Monday through Friday, about three hours a day Mon.-Thurs. and then two hours on Friday. She LOVES it, and we love it too! Charles hasn't taken naps for the last year or more but the first day we brought Elisabeth to school(and every day after that), once we got home from dropping her off I told Charlie that Annabelle was going to take a nap now, that I was going to rest too and so we were going to have some quiet time. He asked if he could lay on my bed with me and I said sure. And he fell asleep! And he did this for the rest of that week! I sure hope he keeps it up because, wow, what a nice change!
Elisabeth had her one-on-one kindergarten assessment two weeks ago, and afterwards I got to speak with the teacher who told me that she asked Elisabeth if she'd be her special helper in class since Elisabeth already knows most everything they are teaching this year. Elisabeth is reading pretty well and she can count well beyond 100 and knows all her shapes and colors. As we were waiting to go into her assessment Elisabeth said to me, "Mom, I don't want to do shapes, because sometimes I forget them." And I told her not to worry because she knows enough and I'm sure she'll do fine, just to remember to count the sides if she got stuck. As I was out in the hall, I heard the teacher asking her some shapes, and boy, were we overprepared! She was asking her things like: circle, triangle, rectangle, square. Elisabeth has no problem with those. The ones she struggles to remember are the hexagon, pentagon and octagon. So I chuckled softly and shook my head at our being worried prior to the assessment.

I was a little nervous Elisabeth would be bored and wouldn't progress much this year, but her teacher is wonderful and gives Elisabeth extra assignments to work on during the week so that she can continue to learn and grow. Elisabeth loves learning and she loves interacting with other children so I think school is going to be a wondeful thing for her, and for the rest of us.

Scott was able to come home for lunch so that he too could see Elisabeth off on her first day of school. Here are a few pictures of Elisabeth with some friends she already knew from church(there are 5 of them in the class together), and her teacher is in the picture as well, and is also a counselor in our relief society presidency in our ward, which is fun.
This is Elisabeth's friend we carpool with. I pick them up one week(either in the van or we'll walk) and the next week we switch and I'll drop them off. It's a very nice arrangement since we are too close for buses. Once they're a bit older they'll be able to walk on their own or ride their bikes, but probably not for a few more years since it's about 1/2 mile.


Angela said...

Just like her daddy:)

Angela said...

oops..and her Mommy, I'm sure:)

kelley said...

Yay! That's so exciting! I'm so glad she's so excited about it. And way to maintain such high education in the home. It's much more rare than we realize!