Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Bunk beds

I've been keeping my eye out for a twin-sized bed on KSL(similar to craigslist, but better than craigslist for Utah), in good condition for around $50(hopefully less). The day Scott came home early for our anniversary celebration, he said a neighbor down the street was having a yard sale and there were bunk beds. So Elisabeth, Charles and I went to check them out. The bed is metal and very sturdy, in pretty good condition and the mattresses felt like they still had some good cushioning in them. And it was just under $50, so we brought them home and set them up. Elisabeth is on the bottom bunk right now(and back downstairs in her old room. Once she saw us set these up downstairs she quickly offered to move back down and we haven't had any complaints about her sleeping downstairs all by herself yet; we'll keep our fingers crossed), because we were missing a screw for the side railing. But we just picked one up at Home Depot, so once Scott gets it in, I'm guessing she'll move up. And now we have an extra bed(well two for now, but Charlie will move into Elisabeth's old one within the year), so if anyone wants to come bunk with Elisabeth, you're more than welcome to be our guest; she may even give you top bunk!

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Casey said...

How neat! I've been wanting to pick up some bunk beds for Molly and eventually the boys but I haven't done much looking yet. Your post was a good reminder! Thanks!