Monday, August 24, 2009

Annabelle is 18 months old

Annabelle turned 18 months old last week and she finally hit the 20 pound mark! Weigh(get it, lol!) to go Annabelle! She's now 20 lb 10 oz(5%), and 32 inches tall(58%).

She's definitely turned into an independent little girl, and one with a lot of her own personality and likes and dislikes. She tends to screech when you misunderstand her or if you purposely won't give her what she wants. She's also a very fun loving and sweet little girl who has mastered the art of kissing(no longer the open mouth, tongue out, slobbery smooch), and loves to make others laugh. Her favorite book is, "Brown Bear, Brown Bear", which I'm happy about because both Elisabeth and Charles can read that book, so I'm not the only one who reads it to her throughout the day.
Here is a picture of Annabelle on top of the table, eating crackers. She's not allowed on the table but I've been sick off and on for awhile, and while I'm lying down resting, the kids have taken matters into their own hands. When I get up, I usually find food all over the house(it's only supposed to be eaten in the kitchen), and Annabelle climbing things she shouldn't be climbing. The big kids are good helpers for the most part, so that's nice.


Angela said...

Hang in there Elisa, Grandma is coming to save the day!

Maryann said...

I am sorry you aren't feeling well! As a mother it hard to be the one sick. I can't believe Annabelle is 18 mo. already. Our little Benjamin will be there in January! He hasn't reach 20 lb yet. I guess my children run small. Good luck with not feeling well.

Aunna said...

You're kids are so cute!