Friday, June 12, 2009

Swimming lessons

We started swimming lessons this week! Elisabeth and Charles are taking them together at a private pool in our neighborhood. I preferred doing it this way because one, it's super close, and two, the instructor only allows a max of 4 kids in each class so the kids get more one on one time, compared to our city pools. And in fact, my two are the only ones during their time slot and day, which is even better. Both Lis and Char are a little afraid to be in the pool, but they've done really good so far. The first class they were mostly adjusting to the pool. They blew bubbles and dunked their heads under, which I was excited about. Charles was very hesitant about putting his head under, but he did. And then their second class this week, they practiced kicking and floating and swimming with the help of their teacher and/or a kickboard.

They'll take lessons two times a week, throughout the month of June, and then I think I'll sign them up again for August. July we'll be traveling so we won't be able to do it then. My goal is to bring them to the pool and allow them to practice as often as I can(w/Scott there to help, too, because I can't handle all three, near deep water, on my own).
Here's a picture of Annabelle sporting Elisabeth's goggles. The goggles didn't work well for the kids. I tried to get them on nice and snug before they got in the water, but still, water leaked in and made things worse, so they both ended up chucking them off to the side of the pool. Does anyone know any tricks to making kids goggles work a little better? Or a certain brand that's more efficient for children?


Angela said...

Since you asked...maybe you can let them get used to the water without goggles therefore they won't become dependent on them. Leak proof goggles are a bit pricey (I think) because they are use more by people who swim laps or swim competitively. They are fun to use when diving under the water. Ears sometimes need more protection. Spoken by a true mother-in-law, but, since you asked...:)

Looking at those pictures reminds of when Scott and Kelley took lessons:) So long ago..

Scott said...

They work best on the side of the pool.