Monday, June 15, 2009

New sleeping arrangements

Elisabeth has moved upstairs. She was sleeping down in the basement, in her princess room, but a couple of months ago, she started complaining a lot about having to sleep downstairs by herself. Awhile ago I told her that Annabelle could move down with her when she turned one and was sleeping through the night, but then when that time came, I really didn't want her so far away from us. So Elisabeth moved up to Annabelle's room for about a week, but that room is probably the smallest in the house and we didn't have enough room for Elisabeth and her clothes. So a couple of weeks ago, we moved Elisabeth's bed into Charlie's room and they've been rooming together since. It's gone okay; sometimes they'll stay up later than usual talking or reading books, but they're usually pretty good about staying in their room.We've also put drapes up in both of the kids rooms. We had a blackout pull-down shade in both rooms, but there was a little space at the top, bottom and sides of the window that continued to let in light. And now that the sun is coming up earlier in the morning, the kids are getting up with it, which has not been pleasant. Charles was waking up at about 6am, and sometimes around 545am, and he doesn't take naps so he was kind of crazy for a few days. I went to Walmart and bought some blackout drapes to go over our blackout shades in the kids rooms, and I really like them. We've been using them for a couple of weeks now, and they help out a lot! The kids have been sleeping in past seven, which is wonderful!

Annabelle's roomCharles and Elisabeth's room
Notice the ties that pull the drapes together in the middle, so light can get in during the day. I made those! Okay, not really made, but I found this scrap of fabric lying around(it originally held a fleece blanket together with a piece of velcro), cut it in half, and added two more pieces of sticky-back velcro(that I already had with my craft stuff) to it and it works perfectly! I was happy I found a way to problem-solve without spending more money. I need to learn to do this more often. It's nice that I have a lot of creative and talented neighbors and friends(I get a lot of fun ideas from blogs) that inspire and motivate me.

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berrymom said...

I am going to try the blackout drapes. We have a blackout shade and it just isn't working. Nicholas fell asleep in the middle of the floor today, which never happens. He must be really tired. Thanks for the idea!