Monday, June 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Dear Elisabeth...

...Happy Birthday to you! Wow, I can't believe Elisabeth is already 5, and going to start Kindergarten soon!

Elisabeth's birthday went as follows:
730am Elisabeth woke up and ate home-made cinnamon rolls for breakfast(this was a very specific request on her behalf). She also got to open one present this morning. She picked to open the one she choose for Charlie to give her so that she could wear her new headband on her birthday.
930am swim lessons
1130 Doctor's appointment:
  • she only had to get one shot(and she didn't even cry. Brave girl!) and she did her first vision screening she's all ready for Kindergarten to start!!! Only about a month and a half away!
  • Currently weighs 35.27lbs; 19%
  • Is currently 40.94 in tall; 22%
1215pm Carl's Jr. for lunch(the kids get to choose a place to eat out for lunch on their birthdays; as long as it's within the right price range)

130pm big kids watched The Little Mermaid while I finished decorating the cake and setting up for her splash party(I've only been allowing them to watch one show/movie a week lately on either Thursday or Friday, so this was a treat to get to be able to watch an extra movie this week). By the way, I covered Barbie Cinderella in all buttercream.

330-5 Elisabeth invited over all the girls from her CTR 5 class, her aunt Krissy and her friend Sara and her family that live in SLC, for a splash party. They had fun on the slip and slide and sprinkler and we also played, pin-the-sparkly-slipper-on-Cinderella's-foot.

5-8 BBQ and FHE

9pm Kids went to bed, but shortly after Elisabeth had a surprise visitor bring her a rose so she was able to get out of bed to thank him

In honor of Elisabeth, here are a couple of my all time favorite Elisabeth videos. And interestingly enough, they are all of her singing:
This one was taken when she was about 2 and 1/2 years old, she's singing a song from High School Musical:

This was was just before the last one; she's singing Latter-Day Prophets:

This one was just under a year ago, she was a soloist singing I am a Child of God and then the rest of the primary came in for the chorus:


Robin said...

Happy Birthday Elisabeth!!! Five years already, I can hardly believe it. We are so excited to see you in just a bit! And Elisa, the cake (as always) looks amazing and the party looks super fun too.

MarieC said...

I can't believe she is 5 and all ready to start Kindergarten! The cake was beautiful, have such a gift!