Sunday, June 28, 2009

Fire pit

We got a fire pit this week and have put it to good use. We did smores one night, and another night we grilled hamburgers and hot dogs. I know we'll be using it a lot this summer.We were wanting to build one right into the ground, but we read that if it's in the ground, it's supposed to be 25 feet away from everything(house, shed, fence etc), and that would have been right smack in the middle of the yard which I think would've been inconvenient at times...we like to play soccer, run through the sprinkler and do other things in the yard so it wouldn't have worked well for us. If we had a bigger yard, we would have been all for it. But anyways, I did some research and we decided on this one. We like how sturdy it is, and how deep the inside is, and it's nice that it comes with a poker, an ash cover and a large grill(we fit 5 hamburgers, 6 hot dogs, a steak and 2 pork chops on there all at the same time) It also has an outer rim that doesn't get hot which is nice just in case one of the kids accidentally get a little to close and bump into it. And it's not super heavy so we can move it around fairly easily, which will especially be nice in the winter; we can move it inside the shed. And, the price was right(we got it on and then used the free site to store shipping).The kids like it, they like cooking marshmallows on it, though they don't really like eating the sticky warm marshmallows....they prefer them fresh out of the bag. Maybe that will be an acquired taste. Elisabeth and Annabelle each ate a smore, but they didn't like the stickiness of it. Annabelle stayed away from the fire for the most part, and she'd occasionally blow on it from a distance. I'm glad she understands that it's hot.
See the way Elisabeth holds her smore. Very delicately, and carefully, trying very hard not to get any of the stickiness on her.

Charles likes to hold the marshmallow forks/skewers, and the poker.


Maryann said...

That looks so fun! We tried roasting marshmallows over a sterno can in the back yard, it was a little difficult. I like your way a lot better. :)

The Horne's said...

Elisa, Where is it from? We've been looking for one, but they are all pretty expensive? Where did you buy it?

The Horne's said...

oh and I checked the follow up box if you respond to that on here.

Elisa said...

we got it from walmart online. you can get free shipping if you have it sent to a store near you.