Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day interview

A ten question interview with Elisabeth and Charles, about Daddy:
(I asked each question, and always had Charles answer first so that his response was original and one that wasn't swayed by Elisabeth's answer.)

If I didn't mark which answer was correct/incorrect, it means their responses were both fairly accurate.

1. How old is Daddy?
2.What color are Daddy's eyes?
3.How tall is Daddy?
C-He put his hands just a little above his head and said, "This tall. And you're(referring to me) this tall." He put the hand representing me, just a little lower than the other hand.
E-"Probably, this kind of tall." She raised her hand high above her head.
4. What is Daddy's favorite food?
E-"Chocolate chip cookies"(correct!)
5. What does Daddy like to do for fun?
C- "pick peas", and I'll add, from our garden.
E- "He likes to play Candyland, because he likes to win and get the ice cream picture."
6. What is Daddy's favorite drink?
C-"hot chocolate"
E- "orange juice"
7. Who is Daddy's favorite person?
C-"Mommy" (correct!)
E- "Probably Brian"; (eh, wrong! j/k, he is one of Scott's favorite people, but let's hope he prefers me a little more)
8. What does Daddy like to eat for breakfast?
C- "Cheerios"(in general, wrong)
9. What is Daddy's favorite sport?
10. What does Daddy like to do at night after you go to bed?
C- "Go running"; this is actually what Daddy does in the morning, before they wake up.
E-"Cleans, and watches basketball."

Here is a picture of Daddy, Father's Day morning, eating his Father's Day breakfast: egg, cheese and bacon on an english muffin, and a rasberry and cream cheese toaster strudel. Happy Father's Day to all men, but especially to my Scott, Grandpa Garnica and Grandpa Smith! We love you!!!


kelley said...

That was so funny!! What a cute idea. They sure do love their awesome daddy.

Rachel said...

I love the interview idea. That is so fun. I will have to try that one some time. We really should go camping it would be a blast. We really have been wanting to go!