Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A day in the life of our 17month old

almost 17 month old....in a couple of weeks:

Annabelle has a big appetite. She'll eat just about anything. Here she's just finished eating out the middle of the garlic bread on one piece(after she's eaten a plate of lasagna), and starting on her second piece. She eats more than both of her older siblings.
Annabelle likes to spend a lot of time outside. I'm sure she would spend all day outside, if she had her way. But when she's outside, I have to be outside too, because she is constantly trying to put dirt in her mouth and she's done a couple other surprising and gross things; so I don't trust her. Today I had to run inside to get something, and when I went in the back again, she was holding a live beetle, about the size of a dime. It was just wiggling in between her little fingers, and she was looking at it, very curiously, and pulling at it's legs. Who knows, maybe she'll grow up to be a scientist or something. The grossest thing I found was a worm in her mouth, ugh! It gives me the heebie-jeebies, all over my body just thinking about it. It was dead, but still. Sick!Annabelle is very curious by nature. She likes to do things for herself. Twice now, I've found her sitting very quietly on the floor in her bedroom, scooping out globs of vaseline and smearing it all over her body, clothes and the carpet. Vaseline is not the easiest thing to clean up because it's kind of water resistant. Just like cleaning butter out of measuring cups isn't the easiest thing to clean either.
caught red handed
Annabelle is constantly learning, and watching and catching onto things. Whenever anyone says the word, 'prayer' or 'blessing' or if you sit down at the table and pull out food, she immediately will fold her arms for a prayer.Annabelle wants to do everything her older siblings are doing. When they color, she colors(and eats crayons, which the older ones don't do, thank goodness), when they eat, she eats, when they bathe, she bathes, when they get up on the couch to read, she wants up on the couch to read. But she's not quite big enough to get on the couch by herself. Lucky for her, she has a very helpful older 3-year-old brother who can pick her up and put her on the couch. She doesn't love the process of him picking her up, but she's happy once she's on. We're teaching Charlie now, to pick her up around her waist, and not around her neck. For awhile we had a rule, never to pick her up, but that was extremely hard to enforce, so we're just trying to take a safer approach.Annabelle likes to read; well look at books. We always have board books handy for baby, but we also have normal children's books very handy for everyone, and she prefers those. But this means we always have to keep a good supply of scotch tape on hand, because we're having to repair pages every few days. But all the kids went through this stage. I don't want to take their books away just because they get ripped, that happens, and they learn. And I always want them to love to read and have books available. So that's why we generally buy our books at DI for a quarter a piece.


Mary said...

I don't often comment here, but gosh, I almost thought this little girl was Elisabeth. They look SO much alike. What beautiful sisters!

Send Annabelle to my house, because my boys spend all day holding live bugs. Fearless.

She's darling, Elisa.

Casey said...

Oh my goodness! This post could have been about Henry. The Vaseline, the book ripping, the eating nasty stuff... all of it! It's too bad you guys live so far away because I bet Henry and Annabelle would have a blast together! :)

The Horne's said...

Wow, the vaseline!!! HOw do you get it out?!?!? What a cutie!

Lindsay said...

I can't believe she is that old. I guess that means my Elizabeth is just about that old too! So sad how fast they are growing up.
I love her hair---I keep wondering where Elizabeth's hair is???!

Vanessa said...

fun update, very interesting. I think a dead worm is grosser than a live one. I love the picture of Charlie in the act of picking her up:)

clintandleximorgan said...

Elisa she is so cute!