Monday, April 20, 2009

Tripple date

Saturday night, Scott and I got babysitters-- they're our neighbors and they're sisters(it was a milestone for us: our first time paying for babysitters)-- and then the Scott's picked us up, along with the Raubenheimer's who were already in the back, and we drove out to Morelia's Mexican Restaurant in Murray.

We hadn't been out with another couple, without kids, for quite some time. I remember when we lived in Bellevue, Wa we went out with friends a few times because we did group babysitting. This meant, three couples were always free the same night, with one couple babysitting. Anyways, it was so nice being able to visit uninterrupted and relax while we ate; and to eat warm food!

Afterwards we picked up the kids and went back to the Scott's for dessert. We ended up hanging around there for a couple of hours, until almost nine. The kids ran around inside and out and let the adults visit. I wasn't sure how they'd do that late at night, but they actually did fine. Annabelle had taken a long, late nap so she was good, and we just kept feeding them with food whenever they'd run by or complain. Good system :).

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