Sunday, April 5, 2009

General Conference: Saturday April 4

The Friday before General Conference, there was a primary activity at the church where we got to put together all of these fun kids activities for the kids to work on during the conference sessions. They were great! They had several different coloring pages, bingo board games, candy games, and questionnaire booklets for the older kids, all of them having to do with gospel principles. We were very glad to have these during conference to help keep our kids occupied.

Saturday morning, after we ate breakfast and got that all cleaned up, I packed up lunch in a picnic basket and brought it downstairs to the family room where we would be watching conference. Here's how conference went Saturday:

Saturday morning: The kids did great during the first hour, from 10-11. They mostly colored their pictures and would look up and listen occasionally.
The second hour was not so good; but I was glad I had our lunches all packed up and ready to eat because that helped a little.

The second hour was hardest on Charlie, our three-year-old busy boy. He played with the file cabinet, played with the computer, kept trying to touch Elisabeth with his sandwich, and cried off and on. Elisabeth was getting antsy too. She rolled around on the carpet and kept putting her foot on Charlie's face. We ended up giving them the entire bag of grapes, which kept them busy for the last ten minutes. Annabelle slept through a good part of the second hour, the angel :).

Saturday afternoon: This one was much better. The older kids left eachother alone for the most part. Elisabeth sat at the table we positioned in front of the TV and did her conference bingo game. Charlie mostly sat on the couch with Scott and I, sometimes coloring, and Annabelle entertained herself with different things.
Overall, the kids did really good. And I know that, because we were actually able to listen to most of the talks! Most years I'll catch a little here and there, but it's not until the conference Ensign comes out that I really get to know each talk. I love general conference. I'm so grateful that twice a year we have the chance to listen to the true prophet of the Lord and His apostles. I'm so grateful that we have a prophet in our world today when things are getting increasingly scary. What a comfort it is to know that the gospel is the same yesterday, today and forever and that the Lord will always be there to guide us and help us if we will come to him.

I'm so excited for the Sunday session today!! I hope it goes as well today (for the kids) as it did yesterday. We're excited to hear from our new Apostle, Neil L. Andersen. We're especially excited since he's our friend's uncle, we're so happy for their family! I'm sure they'll all be sitting on the edge of their seats when he speaks.

*As a side note, Saturday evening, my friend Elisa and I went to the Deseret Book 'ladies night' while the men were in Priesthood session. They have a raffle during the two hours and both Elisa and I won something! She won a fiction novel, and I won "SUDopoly" a spanish, temple board game! I am so excited, even though it's in spanish. I think I should be able to figure it out, considering my background. If not, I'll call my native spanish speaking father for help.

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Esther said...

Those pictures of your kids made me laugh :D

Congrats with winning the Spanish Monopoly, that's cool!