Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter cake

I normally don't like to use fondant when decorating cakes, because I think it tastes gross. I usually peel it off the cake before I eat it. But a friend of mine said she found a good recipe, so I thought I'd give it a try. It tasted pretty good, I mean, not nearly as good as butter cream, but it was much better than the store bought kind and I didn't end up peeling any of it off.

The recipe made a lot of fondant, so I ended up making two Easter cakes.

The two differences between the cakes are, one has a bigger bow, and the other has larger eggs. We brought one to our 'Grazzini family Easter party', and the other I brought to Bob and his family (Bob was my boss at the JSB copy center at BYU, and like a second father). I'll post more pictures of our Grazzini family party later.
I'm glad I made the fondant the day before I decorated the cake, because it was hard work kneading that much fondant. And not only that, but then I had to separate the fondant into five parts and individually knead in a color into each one which took me at least an hour. Next time I'll probably make and color the fondant a week before I bake and decorate the cake.


BAWC said...

they look great. you have some serious talent.

The Clarks said...

Amazing Elisa!!! I love them! You are SO good!!!

Kimberlyn said...

Yum, looks tasty.

MarieC said...

Your cakes are SO gorgeous! Have you ever thought of doing cakes as a business? You'd make big bucks!

Angela said...

Beautiful Elisa!