Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter baskets and dinner

I'm really jumping around here with my posts. Oh well. The last month or two, I've only blogged on Sunday mornings (I wake up at 6am, like every other day, so that I can have an hour to write before the kids get up) and then I'll schedule my blogs to post later in the week. But I just didn't have enough time to do it all this last Sunday, so I'll be blogging while the kids sleep(a couple of them are sick now, so they are actually sleeping! I'm not excited they're sick, just that they're napping. As a side note, Annabelle threw up sometime in the night. When I went in to get her this morning it smelled like vomit and there was dried up vomit in her hair and on her sheets and baby bumper).

Easter morning we did our traditional scavenger hunt to find the Easter baskets that mommy and daddy put together for the kids. They know it's from us. We don't really do the Easter bunny...or Santa. I know, you all think we're terrible. That's okay. :)
Daddy reading the next clue
They found another one!
They each got some candy and a book. Scott and I do baskets for each other, too, which is always fun. I hid Scott's this year, but he found it pretty fast. I guess I'll need to do a better job next year.
We have church from one to four, so I prepared most of the food before church. We had crockpot chicken and resurrection(aka funeral) potatoes. We also watched the 'Mormon Message' from Elder Hollands talk put to pictures/video of Christ, on You Tube, several times, at the kids request. It's only about 4 and 1/2 minutes long. So anyways, that's how we spent our Easter.


Aunna said...

Your family is so cute! Where do you get all your energy? You out the rest of us to shame!

Maren said...

Bummer about the throwing up! Cute Easter activities. Sadly, we are losers too and don't do the Easter Bunny or Santa. Eh well. They are still excited. Good choice on the potatoes!

berrymom said...

Happy Birthday a few days late. I am glad you had a good day. Jackson and I don't really do Santa or the Easter bunny either, so you aren't alone. We do fun things, just in our own way.

Maryann said...

I liked reading about your Easter traditions. We do a basket hunt too. My children talk about the Easter bunny, but they know that it really comes from us too.

Margot said...

I think you're great! We don't do Santa and the Easter Bunny either.